LCF (Ledûb Corporate Fashion)

The parent company of LCF is Van Winkel Fashion BV, who are specialised in the creation and production of quality shirts and blouses since 1949. Van Winkel Fashion started its business to business activities in 1988 under the name LCF (Ledûb Corporate Fashion). LCF is entirely focused on respresentative work clothing, allowing both men and women to dress in the same style. Just as with the other Van Winkel Fashion brands, Ledûb and John Miller, quality is of the utmost importance!

We demand the highest quality from our materials, designs and suppliers. But quality is also to be found in the production methods. We ensure that the workers in our European factory operate under strict health and safety standards.
The dealer channel is also subject to our quality standards. We try to combine reliability and trust with innovation and service.

We are proud to say that LCF brings quality and fashion to work clothes.